It all started in 1972, one year after the creation of the United Arab Emirates. With only two trucks back then, ATC grew from being a humble family business to becoming the largest owned fleet in the Middle East.

  • Logistics pioneer in the UAE, Allied Transport moves constructions materials and food supplies with 2 trucks.

  • 150 trucks and 500 trailers. Acquisition of temperature controlled trailers and specialisation in oil field equipment

  • 200 trucks and 800 trailers : ATC starts international and cross-border operations

  • ATC Launches a 2nd Hub in the first free zone in KSA

  • 1000 trucks and 2000 trailers. Partnership with Emirates SkyCargo, custom-made transportation equipment with advanced tracking system. Connexion between DWC airport and other airports in the UAE. At this stage, we serve various industries such as retail or electronics.

  • Over 2000 trucks and 3000 trailers. ATC owns the largest and most diversified fleet in the Middle East. Domestic networks in UAE and KSA. Dedicated offer for aviation, pharma, retail, FMCG, electronics, technology, oil and energy.