• What is ATC fleet size?

    ATC owns 800 trucks and 2400 trailers.

  • What kind of services does ATC offers?

    TC provides different range of services. Please click on this linkto view our services

  • Which destinations do ATC currently operate?

    We provide full service to UAE, GCC, Levant Countries and North Africa. Please click here to see our Network.

    For inquiries please contact our Sales Team sales@allied-transport.com

  • Does ATC offer border clearance service?

    Yes, ATC offers border clearance for all GCC countries.

  • Does ATC offer storage/warehousing?

    Yes, we have our own warehouses in UAE and KSA.

  • Does ATC offer a backload service?

    Yes, ATC offers a backload service. For more info please contact sales@allied-transport.com

  • Are all ATC trucks fitted with GPS?

    Yes, all ATC trucks use the latest technology, GPS systems.

  • Do you have branches outside of the UAE?

    Yes, we have branches in KSA Click here to see our Networks.

  • Can I request the transportation of dangerous cargo?

    Yes, we do provide this service. Please contact our sales team for more details at sales@allied-transport.com

  • Can the transportation be paid at the destination?

    Currently, we are moving shipments under prepaid basis and for account customers. Please contact our sales team for payment options at sales@allied-transport.com

  • Does ATC offer packaging for cargo?

    Yes, ATC offers packaging for safe movement of cargo. Please contact our sales team at sales@allied-transport.com

  • What are the working hours for customer service?

    Customer Service office hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm Dubai time.

    For domestic shipments please contact customerservice@allied-transport.com

    For International shipments,please contact gcccustomerservice@allied-transport.com

  • Do I have the option of insurance cover for my consignment?

    Yes, the account customer can instruct ATC to obtain insurance for their consignment.

  • Does ATC offer any additional security features?

    Yes, ATC offers a wide range of security features. Please contact our sales team for more information sales@allied-transport.com

  • Does ATC have a training programme for drivers?

    Yes, all drivers go complete a comprehensive training programme through our HR and Learning & Development teams.

  • Does ATC have a training programme for drivers?

    1. Box trailers

    2. Flat bed

    3. Low bed

    4. Open top

    5. Closed box

    6. Curtain side

    7. Temperatures controlled

    8. Car carriers

    9. Recoveries

    10. 3/7/10 tones pickups

    For more details please contact our Sales Teams at sales@allied-transport.com

  • How many pallets can fit in an ATC truck/trailer?

    We can support all our customers’ requirements through our extensive fleet of trucks and trailers. Please contact our sales team for more details sales@allied-transport.com

  • How do I open an account with ATC?

    To open an account with ATC is quick and easy. please contact our sales team ales@allied-transport.com