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A beautiful Ramadan memory

During the holy month of Ramadan fasting together is a special feeling. Especially when the fast is ended with a joint iftar with people you care about. Allied Transport Company hosted a sumptuous iftar at Burj Al Arab on July 6th, 2015 for 170 people, including our clients, business partners and government organizations. The hotel’s chef took us on a divine journey through flavours as we shared enriching conversations and insights with our friends, colleagues and partners. We hope we can share a meal with more people next... read more

Allied just got realigned

Change, they say, is the only constant. It’s best to move with the times, and considering that we are a forward-looking organization everything we do is a step towards the future. One such step was unveiling a brand new logo and launching a refreshed website. This isn’t just a superfluous change; it’s a change that has been felt through the organization at every level of hierarchy. It changes everything – the way we look at the future and the way we work while reaffirming our commitment to evolving ahead of the... read more
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