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Taking your business to KSA and beyond.

A country as large as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires a transportation company that can be depended upon to deliver the goods safely and securely. That’s exactly where Allied Transport comes into the picture. Allied Transport operates a subsidiary company, Eastern Allied, that specializes in the Saudi market helping to extend Allied’s reach to other countries within the region offering Allied’s years of experience and expertise which is a name synonymous with quality haulage services in the Middle East. The Company owns one of the fastest-growing and modern fleets in the region with vehicles capable of hauling all types of cargo. Eastern Allied’s Head office is located in Dammam with additional branches in Jeddah and Riyadh. This geographical coverage gives Allied transport an advantage over its competitors making Allied Transport the most reliable logistics & transportation company in the region, supported by a strong domestic operation in Saudi Arabia. But ‘reach’ is not the only thing that makes Allied Transport a compelling choice for our clients. Our team of dedicated and highly-experienced professionals are continuously raising the bar and driving the company ahead of its competition. Underpinning this service Allied offers a full cross-border and domestic operation and a state-of-the-art fleet maintenance workshop and GPS security tracking teams. Allied Transport offers a comprehensive range of services such as: Containerized land transportation services Dedicated trucking/intensive service Retail distribution Auto Drive Way for specific needs Expedited trucking Heavy haulage Delivery of specialized cargo for the pharma industry Dangerous goods Customs Clearance Today, Allied Transport has the ability to handle every type of cargo, be it dangerous goods or time-sensitive material,... read more

Employees set and reach their goals

At Allied Transport, we make sure that the Employees Set and Reach their goals. Congratulation Lasantha Pindiyage, Security Manager at Allied Transport to become a member of “We Are All Police” initiative by Abu Dhabi Police. The Abu Dhani police commander recognized the alumini certificates and the please memorial project in recognition of their efforts to support the initiative and... read more

A beautiful gathering

We had the pleasure of hosting an Iftar party at Four Seasons Hotel – Jumeirah Beach on May 22nd, 2018. We were delighted to host around 200 guests including our clients, business partners, and government organizations.  ... read more

Rest assured with our dangerous goods services

Through our experience, we understand that every long-distance journey we make transporting goods has its share of risks. However, that element of risk can increase exponentially when carrying dangerous goods over a long distance. These risks we are very clear about, and that’s where safety and security begin. We deploy the most advanced equipment, tankers and containers to carry dangerous material such as solid, liquid or gaseous chemicals. ATC’s professionally trained experts will guide you through the entire process step-by-step. Each movement follows strict safety and security guidelines and regulations. Allied Transport provides a range of safe and reliable solutions that comply with all governmental regulations and cover both land and air transportation. Our highly-trained and experienced professionals will assist you with permits and authorization procedures, help you keep track of inspection deadlines, as well as ensuring a smooth execution of transport operations. Why Allied Transport: 40 years in the industry We are fully authorized to carry dangerous goods via road to transport all classes of dangerous goods We are authorized to transport radioactive materials by FANR We are TAPA certified – in April 2016, ATC become one of the first trucking companies within the UAE to achieve TAPA TSR level 3 certification through SGS We employ highly trained staff and drivers to handle dangerous goods We assure safe delivery and maximum security We are ISO 9001 and 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified Services for dangerous goods include: Transportation Containerization Documentation Consultancy Customs clearance Our agile and robust global network is perfect for the transportation of the following dangerous goods: Class 2: Compressed Gases Class 3: Flammable liquids, Placards... read more

Can your cargo stay fresh after a long journey?

If an apple had to travel thousands of kilometers to find its place on a shelf at a supermarket, would it still be fresh? Or would it be tired? We all know exactly what state it would be in. The entire F&B industry has some of the most challenging, demanding and complex logistics requirements that are driven by the ‘freshness’ aspect of the business. It requires a temperature-controlled and sensitive supply chain with detailed planning, management and specialized handling. Allied Transport Cold Chain meets the industry’s demands head-on with experienced professionals who know just how to deliver ‘freshness’ on behalf of our customers. We understand JIT inventory management and also that different products have different time requirements (day/week/month/season). At the heart of our cold chain services is high-quality infrastructure, a team of specialists, cutting-edge technology and highly controlled environments for the transport of different goods. We ensure that the sanctity of the temperature is maintained at every step of the proverbial apple’s journey, from producer to consumer. In fact, we even customize our solutions depending upon the nature of the products, which include: Dairy Meat and Poultry Chilled and fresh food Frozen Food Beverages Let’s have a closer look at what makes us the preferred choice for the F&B industry. Premium logistics service using the most modern transportation technology Temperature-controlled facilities (+2/+8˚C, +15/+25˚C and frozen -20˚C), with handling capabilities for loading & unloading of perishables, available for all modes of transport A network of professionals trained in the applicable hygiene and security regulations – Allied Transport complies with industry standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and... read more

Tailored logistics for the fashion industry

Needless to say, the fashion industry needs solutions specially designed to meet their very unique needs. And we have logistics solutions that have specifically weaved to meet their ever-changing and dynamic demands. We offer a speedy response, excellent quality and convenient delivery schedules to deliver ideal lead-time, accuracy, availability, and reliability, which are all critical to the fashion industry. This becomes even more important when measured in this era of multiple sales channels and online retail. Whether you need the latest top-secret collections delivered safely and securely to the world’s fashion biggest shows, individually picked pieces for the ever-expanding e-commerce culture, or ensure that designs reach the rails as speedily as possible, Allied Transport’s fashion supply chain management services are a cut above the rest. Our logistics experts are constantly tweaking and optimizing our services for enhanced results. They have effectively combined our expertise, technology, and value-added services to offer our fashion clients a comprehensive range of logistics solutions. What makes us the preferred choice of the fashion industry? Complete transportation solution Special transportation equipment for the fashion industry In-house Customs clearance services Special cargo handling expertise Regional network Today, Allied Transport is part of the very fabric that keeps the fashion industry going, with our in-depth expertise in demand planning, including range availability, optimum inventory levels and shorter cycle times. We can help reduce cost and generate value along with our collection of customized... read more

Cold chain solutions that keep your cargo fresh

Consumer demand for fresher goods faster has led to unprecedented demand for temperature-controlled, safe transportation and supply chain management solutions. Allied Transport offers dedicated cold chain solutions tailored for fragile and temperature-controlled products that are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. Allied provides seamless logistics planning from centre of production right to the heart of distribution. The cornerstone of our success is our high-quality infrastructure, specialist teams, cutting-edge technology that offers product visibility at every step and the ability to maintain temperature-controlled environments throughout the supply chain. We customize our cold chain solutions to cater to the unique requirements of different products such as: Pharma products Dairy Meat and Poultry Chilled and Fresh food Frozen Food Beverages – Soft drinks As a leading transportation, logistics and cold chain solutions provider in the region, Allied Transport has over decades proven its ability to build an enviable dynamic infrastructure that adapts to accommodate innovation, using the latest and most advanced technology. ATC offers: A Premium logistics service using advanced transportation technology Temperature controlled facilities (+2/+8˚C, +15/+25˚C and frozen -15°C/-20°C), with handling capabilities for loading & unloading of perishables, available for all modes of transport A team of professionals trained in the applicable Health and Safety Regulations: Allied Transport complies with industry standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and adheres to the strictest QHSE policies and procedures Traceability at every stage and the constant monitoring of the cold chain including safety checks Customs brokerage services A network of platforms in the Middle East near key accredited hubs under customs control The safety of client cargo is a high... read more

Enabling Responsible Supply Chain: Sedex Member

Allied Transport strives to make ethical business decisions in all areas, and we are proud to be a Sedex member. As a member of Sedex, Allied Transport offers customers verifiable proof of its commitment to sustainable management in all aspects of its business. Allied Transport is always committed to running its business in an ecologically and societally responsible way. The company has been a member of SEDEX since 2012. It sees this as a way to provide its customers independent verification of its sustainable supply chain practices as well as its dedication to continuous improvement and reducing reputational risk, both for itself and those it serves. A growing number of companies around the world are looking to minimize any negative impacts their operations might have on the environment and society. This means not only adhering to high ethical and sustainable business standards in their own operations but also ensuring the companies in their supply chain do the same. In the absence of reliable information on supplier behavior, this latter requirement can be a challenge, however. To help, companies have been turning to the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), whose more than 38,000 members share ethical supply chain data in the areas of labor standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics. Customer benefits Allied Transport’s SEDEX membership brings many advantages to existing and potential customers. The SEDEX database makes it easy for those looking for a sustainable partner to find Allied Transport, and to evaluate Allied Transport alongside other suppliers. It provides peace of mind to customers, as SEDEX certification assures them that Allied Transport adheres to the highest... read more

Allied Transport’s strengths on land transport

What are Allied Transport’s strengths on land transport? Answer from Marc Carson, Director of Operations & Commercial at Allied Transport. “Allied Transport is renowned as a pioneering logistics company in the Middle East and I believe our strength lies in our commitment to partners to evolve our services in an ever-changing environment. Allied sets the standard of excellence through effective quality management, innovation, and outstanding customer service. We design customized solutions to meet dynamic logistics requirements of a multitude of different industry sectors. Our extensive, high-quality infrastructure and leading technology enable product visibility at every step enabling us to offer an unrivalled service. Moving into 2018 our growth plan continues to be centered around extending our portfolio through innovation and excellence and we look forward to working seamlessly with new and existing clients to address the challenges that lie... read more
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