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Safe & Secure logistics solutions

For Allied Transport, Safety and Security is a decisive criterion for smooth logistics operations. To fulfill this, We proactively meet the standards, qualifications, and certifications required by our customers, as well as complying with relevant laws and regulations as they affect our services, including compliance with Good Distribution Practices for timely, safe and secure delivery. We ensure a high degree of security in our logistics operations. The Management and staff of ATC have identified the aspects of our activities that we believe could have a significant impact on the environment, and have assessed the hazards and risks to the health & safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, and other interested parties. We have taken action to minimize these impacts, hazards and risks, and to comply with relevant environmental and occupational health & safety laws and regulations, and applicable codes of practices with emphasis on Safety and Security as a decisive mission for smooth logistics which comprises workplace safety, Vehicle security as well as data and information safety & Security. To help us achieve these aims, we have implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) that complies fully with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and WHO GDP TRS 957 (2010). We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our IMS and to preventing pollution of the environment as well as preventing occupational injury and ill health, and have set, and will measure performance against, relevant quality, environmental and OH&S objectives and targets. This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability, and is communicated to all members of staff and any associates and/or sub-contractors working on our behalf,... read more

We celebrated our diversity at Allied

We celebrated the Allied International Day on June 21, 2019. Allied has employees from 19 different nationalities. The employees and the families were treated with a variety of activities celebrating that multicultural mix. The day was full of fun with dances, Kids fashion Show, music, and exciting prizes for the Raffle draw winners.   The Allied Kids were so excited to participate in the fashion show. The young models walked into the stage so confidently and stole the show.   Families put a lot of effort to showcase their custom by wearing the traditional dress of each nationality they... read more

Beat the summer heat with our Cold Chain strategies

Ensuring summer foods make it to consumers fresh and intact aren’t no picnic. The hotter it gets, the lighter your summer eating plan should be to stay healthy, say experts. So, it is particularly important to eat foods that are high in water content and replenish your electrolyte balance. At Allied Transport we make sure that you get the fresh fruits, vegetable and smoothies to beat the summer heat. Consumer demand for fresher goods faster has led to unprecedented demand for temperature-controlled, safe transportation and supply chain management solutions. Allied Transport offers dedicated cold chain solutions tailored for fragile and temperature-controlled products that are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. Bringing the thick-skinned Avocado to the market is not an easy task. A simple 4-degree increase in temperature can reduce the size of the stone fruit, and the reduction means a less desirable product. As a result, avocados are monitored closely during the shipment of variations in exposure to light and temperature. The cold chain has rules and details that adjust to the temperatures and management protocols for more than 200 fresh foods. We customize our cold chain solutions to cater to the unique requirements of different products that helps you to beat the summer heat As a leading transportation, logistics and cold chain solutions provider in the region, Allied Transport has over decades proven its ability to build an enviable dynamic infrastructure that adapts to accommodate innovation, using the latest and most advanced technology. Here are some highlights of our Cold Chain services: 30 pallets that carry 2 rows Special structural features to minimize air loss Fully... read more

Successfully upgraded the Tapa certification to TAPA TSR 2017

Cargo crime is one of the most significant supply chain challenges for manufacturers of high value, high-risk products, and their logistics service providers. ATC is committed to cargo safety and security. ATC has successfully upgraded the Tapa certificate to TAPA TSR 2017. This certificate covers operations specifically for transporting products via road within a supply chain in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In April 2016, ATC becomes one of the first trucking companies within the UAE to achieve TAPA TSR level 3 certification through SGS. TAPA is an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cargo crime which aims to reduce crime in international supply chains and comprises global manufacturers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and... read more

Tips to choose the right logistics provider

1. Capabilities A prospective logistics provider must be knowledgable in the specific service area that meets your company’s needs.  If a transportation company has a lot of knowledge of logistics, then they can offer you safe and highly efficient logistics services. In addition to the service area, the company should prove that it is capable of meeting your short-term and long-term requirements. 2. Customer service Find out if the logistics provider can prioritize and solve your problems fast and effectively. Make sure to do some research online to see what previous clients have to say about the company. If the feedback you get is positive, then you can hire them. 3. Determine the Safety Records of the Company Due to the ever-changing landscape of safety regulations, it is imperative that you select a logistics provider with a strong safety record. 4. Company stability Whether your supply chain is simple or complex, select a logistics provider with overall company stability. Top suppliers are consistent suppliers. How long has the company been around? Furthermore, if one high-liability event occurs and your provider cannot withstand the fallout, the liability often shifts, in effect, to you the shipper. This concern can be eased if the provider’s “word”, name and reputation have remained intact through decades of market turbulence and economic uncertainty. 5. Company reputation In a new business arrangement, you can rest assured that at some point the relationship will be tested Often it as at this juncture, that the character of the service provider’s leadership will be revealed. Before it is too late, investigate whether the provider is likely to respond with... read more

Celebrating half a decade of flying high.

At Allied Transport, our joy is boundless. We are celebrating the fifth anniversary of our partnership with Emirates Sky Cargo, offering airport tail-to-tail solutions since 2014, including land transportation between DWC and all airports within the UAE. Emirates Sky Cargo facilitates global trade by connecting cargo across more than 155  international destinations through two advanced cargo terminals in Dubai. Since Dubai is a major transit point, arriving cargo often needs to be connected from a passenger flight to a freighter aircraft and vice versa. Usually, Emirates’ passenger aircraft operate from Dubai International Airport and Emirates’ freighter aircraft operate from Dubai World Central. This is where Allied Transport steps in with its fleet of 61 state-of-the-art vehicles. They include 17 refrigerated trucks for temperature sensitive goods linking cargo between the two airports on a 24×7 basis. In fact, over the last 5 years, we have clocked over 1231163 ULDs. (409, 903 trips). How we do it: 24/7 seamless operations between various airports in the UAE Service extended to all the airports within the UAE Warehouse deliveries and tailor-made solutions for the customer Carriage of all types of Cargo –  General  /  Perishable / Pharma / Dangerous Goods / Radioactive / Human Remains / Ammunition – RXS  / Livestock / Live Animals / Aircraft Engines With our expertise in R&D and innovation, we achieve the seamless movement of cargo between the two airports through our bonded trucking service. We are delighted to hear this from Mrs. Percis Paghdiwalla, Road Feeder Network Manager at Emirates Sky Cargo, “The service connects Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) and enables the... read more

Delivering beauty with Allied

In the cosmetics industry, what’s hot today may soon be no tomorrow. This industry is constantly waging a battle to balance supply with demand because products can go out of vogue quickly. Celebrity brand ambassadors help create demand and at Allied, we help distribute the products while they are still in fashion. We understand that ensuring products reach their points of sale quickly is critical, which requires punctual and reliable transportation, storage and distribution. Our clients benefit from a speedy response service backed up by excellent quality and convenient delivery schedules. This translates into ideal lead-times, accuracy, availability, and reliability, which are all critical to the Cosmetics industry. And today’s era of multiple sales and online retail has intensified the need for a quick and on-point service. Allied Transport has been in the business of delivering beauty for over 45 years. Over time, we have gained tremendous insight into the Cosmetic industry. That is why we are able to customize solutions that ensure:– The ability to handle high volumes– Ideal temperature and handling restrictions– Timely delivery In our constant endeavor to improve our services, our experts are constantly tweaking and optimizing for enhanced results. We have effectively combined our expertise, technology and value-added services to offer our clients a comprehensive range of logistics solutions. It’s hardly surprising that we are the preferred choice of the Cosmetic industry. Here’s why: – Established infrastructure– Experienced workforce– The region’s largest fleet of delivery vehicles– Industry standards (ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, Tapa Certified)– Security – 24/7 monitoring of all truck movements– Bonded movement that reduces transit time– 45 years of... read more

We protect your cargo

At Allied Transport, we understand the significance your cargo has for your business. That is why, we take every precaution to make sure it reaches its destination safely and on time. However, that’s not all – we even go a step further by offering tailormade insurance solutions to all our clients. It includes solutions such as Haulier Liability Insurance, which covers all sorts of trading conditions, which are based on our clients’ contractual requirements. What’s more, we offer cost-effective insurance solutions for marine goods in transit with comprehensive worldwide coverage, as and when requested by our clients. Here’s a quick look at the coverage offered under our Haulier’s Liability Insurance: Freight/Product liabilityOn conventions of NAFL/CMR, WARSAWErrors and OmissionThird party comprehensive general liabilityFidelity guaranteeRoad transport – high risk cargoFines and utilitiesSub-contractor liabilityCustomized insurance So, the next time you choose Allied Transport as your preferred carrier you can rest assured that your business is covered. After all, we carry the... read more
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