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Tailored logistics for the fashion industry

Needless to say, the fashion industry needs solutions specially designed to meet their very unique needs. And we have logistics solutions that have specifically weaved to meet their ever-changing and dynamic demands. We offer a speedy response, excellent quality and convenient delivery schedules to deliver ideal lead-time, accuracy, availability, and reliability, which are all critical to the fashion industry. This becomes even more important when measured in this era of multiple sales channels and online retail. Whether you need the latest top-secret collections delivered safely and securely to the world’s fashion biggest shows, individually picked pieces for the ever-expanding e-commerce culture, or ensure that designs reach the rails as speedily as possible, Allied Transport’s fashion supply chain management services are a cut above the rest. Our logistics experts are constantly tweaking and optimizing our services for enhanced results. They have effectively combined our expertise, technology, and value-added services to offer our fashion clients a comprehensive range of logistics solutions. What makes us the preferred choice of the fashion industry? Complete transportation solution Special transportation equipment for the fashion industry In-house Customs clearance services Special cargo handling expertise Regional network Today, Allied Transport is part of the very fabric that keeps the fashion industry going, with our in-depth expertise in demand planning, including range availability, optimum inventory levels and shorter cycle times. We can help reduce cost and generate value along with our collection of customized... read more

Cold chain solutions that keep your cargo fresh

Consumer demand for fresher goods faster has led to unprecedented demand for temperature-controlled, safe transportation and supply chain management solutions. Allied Transport offers dedicated cold chain solutions tailored for fragile and temperature-controlled products that are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. Allied provides seamless logistics planning from centre of production right to the heart of distribution. The cornerstone of our success is our high-quality infrastructure, specialist teams, cutting-edge technology that offers product visibility at every step and the ability to maintain temperature-controlled environments throughout the supply chain. We customize our cold chain solutions to cater to the unique requirements of different products such as: Pharma products Dairy Meat and Poultry Chilled and Fresh food Frozen Food Beverages – Soft drinks As a leading transportation, logistics and cold chain solutions provider in the region, Allied Transport has over decades proven its ability to build an enviable dynamic infrastructure that adapts to accommodate innovation, using the latest and most advanced technology. ATC offers: A Premium logistics service using advanced transportation technology Temperature controlled facilities (+2/+8˚C, +15/+25˚C and frozen -15°C/-20°C), with handling capabilities for loading & unloading of perishables, available for all modes of transport A team of professionals trained in the applicable Health and Safety Regulations: Allied Transport complies with industry standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and adheres to the strictest QHSE policies and procedures Traceability at every stage and the constant monitoring of the cold chain including safety checks Customs brokerage services A network of platforms in the Middle East near key accredited hubs under customs control The safety of client cargo is a high... read more

Enabling Responsible Supply Chain: Sedex Member

Allied Transport strives to make ethical business decisions in all areas, and we are proud to be a Sedex member. As a member of Sedex, Allied Transport offers customers verifiable proof of its commitment to sustainable management in all aspects of its business. Allied Transport is always committed to running its business in an ecologically and societally responsible way. The company has been a member of SEDEX since 2012. It sees this as a way to provide its customers independent verification of its sustainable supply chain practices as well as its dedication to continuous improvement and reducing reputational risk, both for itself and those it serves. A growing number of companies around the world are looking to minimize any negative impacts their operations might have on the environment and society. This means not only adhering to high ethical and sustainable business standards in their own operations but also ensuring the companies in their supply chain do the same. In the absence of reliable information on supplier behavior, this latter requirement can be a challenge, however. To help, companies have been turning to the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), whose more than 38,000 members share ethical supply chain data in the areas of labor standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics. Customer benefits Allied Transport’s SEDEX membership brings many advantages to existing and potential customers. The SEDEX database makes it easy for those looking for a sustainable partner to find Allied Transport, and to evaluate Allied Transport alongside other suppliers. It provides peace of mind to customers, as SEDEX certification assures them that Allied Transport adheres to the highest... read more

Allied Transport’s strengths on land transport

What are Allied Transport’s strengths on land transport? Answer from Marc Carson, Director of Operations & Commercial at Allied Transport. “Allied Transport is renowned as a pioneering logistics company in the Middle East and I believe our strength lies in our commitment to partners to evolve our services in an ever-changing environment. Allied sets the standard of excellence through effective quality management, innovation, and outstanding customer service. We design customized solutions to meet dynamic logistics requirements of a multitude of different industry sectors. Our extensive, high-quality infrastructure and leading technology enable product visibility at every step enabling us to offer an unrivalled service. Moving into 2018 our growth plan continues to be centered around extending our portfolio through innovation and excellence and we look forward to working seamlessly with new and existing clients to address the challenges that lie... read more

Gearing up for winter deliveries

It’s cold and getting colder, but sales figures are always red-hot, at this time of the year. Everything from woolies to jewellery, from winter foods to heaters see a spike in sales. However, timely deliveries are a major worry due to the challenges posed by winter. Trucking companies are restricted by fog, haze, smog, sun glare, and more, which lead to capacity constraints, tight lead times, alternate routes, inbound delays and more. Unexpected delivery delays lead to rising costs and consumer disappointment. In a nutshell, winter can drive an imbalance of demand and supply throughout the marketplace. So, is your logistics vendor being able to cater to your needs, this winter? Remember, logistics vendors will likely only pick up extra volumes at higher rates. As demand continues to grow, it may be more important to choose providers that deliver the level of service you expect to ensure your products arrive as they should, giving your customers a competitive advantage despite higher costs. Timing is critical when it comes to looking at your strategy. Reorganize and reprioritize freight flows and customer requirements as needed to adapt quickly. How do you choose the right logistics vendor? There are several questions you could ask yourself to take advantage of new market opportunities and consolidate your position. Which type of transportation provider are you using? Can they take on additional freight, and can they deliver on time? Can you restructure your transportation strategy to benefit from multimodal offerings, which can enable you to supply more goods? Can you restructure your freight and service strategy to take advantage of multimodal offerings to secure more capacity? Can the logistics company that delivers raw material also deliver... read more


Allied Transport was awarded ‘Most Innovative & Regulated Road Feeder Services of the Year” during the Transport Arabia Excellence Awards ceremony organized by Dubai Airports. ATC won the award for offering the best-regulated road feeder service solutions with the most efficient deployment of appropriate strategies, integration in the air cargo supply chain. ATC’ globally pioneering solutions have benefited the airport and the cargo logistics sector in many ways such as reduction of manpower, facilities, and assets required, eliminating need for double handling operations, secured cargo movements and significant reduction in the operating cost. Mr. Ali Khalifa Bin Beyat, CEO of Allied Transport (ATC) commented: “As the largest Emirati Transportation & logistics solutions company in the UAE and the region we are honored to receive such a prestigious award from Dubai Airports. This award only makes us more determined to continue to enhance our offering to provide the best transportation & logistics solutions to our clients. Our aim is to always be the leader in the industry following in the footsteps of our nation’s leadership who taught us to always aim to be number one.” ATC offers impeccable services and has one of the largest growing fleets in the region comprising of over 3000 vehicles and an inventory of diverse equipment and technology, that underpins the most efficient transport of time-critical goods, connectivity to airports and precise execution of all cargo shipments with tailor made solutions deploying the widest range of trucks and trailers to suit all types of cargo. “We always aim to provide quality, security, safety service improvements for all our stakeholders, taking environment & sustainability into considiration.... read more

Our trucks are ready for an extra load: VAT

  So, the VAT-era is almost upon us. This is uncharted territory for sure, and each of us must find our own route through it. But before we launch into how VAT-ready Allied Transport is, let’s get down to the facts of this new taxation system. A lot has already been said – in newspapers, on television, on the web – but how will it truly affect the common man? Expect respite as commodities such as basic food items, education, essential medicines, and the import of goods & services will be exempt. While the effect on personal pockets will vary, from product to product, the bigger question is whether and how it will affect businesses. Will it influence supply chain processes and the way goods are distributed? Will it increase distribution costs, and dent overall profit margins? The answer is both, yes and no. Let’s suppose you are importing goods into the UAE from, say a supplier in KSA, you can take advantage of the reverse charge mechanism, which means you don’t have pay VAT at the point of import. The same thing will apply to a merchant in KSA if the scenario is reversed. But, if you are moving goods from Dubai port to a store in Fujairah, you must pay VAT, unless your cargo falls under the exempt list. Having said that, VAT doesn’t only pose challenges, it also offers an opportunity for companies to restructure their business for better processes while mitigating tax exposure. At Allied, we are all geared up for the implementation of VAT (5%) to ensure a smooth flow of goods for you.... read more

Logistics outsourcing is only logical

Sure, logistics play an important role in your business growth, just like it does in every other product-oriented industry. In many cases, it’s only true that successful logistics operations are the basis for an organization’s success. Transportation helps to maintain the balance between supply and demand and to expand your business network across the globe. Now, it all sounds so easy – moving products from centers of production to centers of consumption. But, it can turn out to be too complicated and costly, especially when your business is going from strength to strength and growing at a fast rate. So, it only makes sense to outsource your logistics requirements to an external service provider. Top 9 reasons to outsource 1. Focus on what’s important. Your business. Outsourcing your logistics needs to an expert will free up your time and resources allowing you to concentrate on your business growth. 2. Transfer the costs and hassles of logistics to a transportation solutions provider who can offer modern warehousing, technology, and transportation. 3. A good 3PL service provider will take responsibility for your business and be held accountable to your standards. 4. Sure, you know your business better than anyone. With that same logic, can you say that you know logistics better than a logistics expert? Logistics companies keep investing in newer technologies to improve the efficiency of their services. 5. 3PL providers enjoy access to a vast network of resources and established relationships with other vendors to offer you the most cost-efficient service possible. 6. Logistics companies are usually technologically adept. They can offer real-time tracking and visibility of loads. By being able to track your shipments with ease, you spend less time worrying and... read more

Customs Clearance Service

With Allied, quick clearance is customary Customs clearance requires a mountain of paperwork, which can quickly turn into an iceberg that could threaten the proverbial ‘Titanic.’ A web of fees, rules, and regulations that differ from port to port can further confound the problem for organizations. In a nutshell, it’s a time-consuming process that organizations shouldn’t have to go through every time send cargo across borders. Allied Transport operates offices at all GCC borders. The idea is to ensure a smooth and easy customs clearance experience for our clients so that they can focus on their core business. In fact, we have nominated clearing agents at Levant borders, and it’s our constant endeavor to minimize delays and clearance times. How we do it? With years of experience in the transportation industry, we’ve come to value the importance of accurate paperwork when it comes to customs. We ensure that the correct shipment information is handed over to the appropriate customs authorities who work with us to expedite the process. Our comprehensive range of customs clearance services includes: Import and Export clearance Clearance authorization Multi-line entry clearance Bonded clearance Advice on content classification Bonded transit Disbursements Documentation Our experts offer complete peace of mind with a truly professional service. They’ll attend the on-site inspection, arrange the sealing of trucks, provide detailed clearance status, follow-up with customs authorities, minimize clearance times and wait times to ensure the goods reach their destination as per the client’s delivery schedule. They even provide an online bill of entry for both, bonded and non-bonded shipments plus an online certificate of origin and an online health certificate.... read more

The safe way

At Allied, we recognize that a single accident is one accident too many. In fact, road accidents are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace, especially for the transportation industry. With this in mind, the Allied Safe Driving Initiative (ASDI) was developed & implemented in January 2016 with the goal to completely eradicate work related road accidents. ASDI offers in-depth and rigorous safe driving training to over 1,000 drivers and is based on three important parameters, which have helped us enhance our road safety record. Empowering Drivers We ensure that our drivers have their hands of the wheel of ‘safety’, so to say. That is why we impart training to them periodically throughout the year. We emphasize on driver training, including increasing the frequency as well as continually improving the content & delivery of our training sessions in order to provide maximum benefit to our drivers & ensure their safety & competency is of the highest possible standard. We have developed a robust in-class training program with modern & precise methods of instruction based on driver feedback. These sessions provided us with the perfect platform to make case studies of past incidents & investigations that were directly linked to our workplace, which made the training sessions personal & relevant to the drivers. As well as theoretical classroom-based training, new drivers also receive 2-week on-the-job training with our most experienced drivers who train them in applying the best driving practices. This has allowed trainees to witness firsthand safe driving skills and learn the nuances of driving in the ‘safe lane’. We have also made competency testing mandatory... read more
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