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Beat the summer heat with our Cold Chain strategies

Ensuring summer foods make it to consumers fresh and intact aren’t no picnic.
The hotter it gets, the lighter your summer eating plan should be to stay healthy, say experts. So, it is particularly important to eat foods that are high in water content and replenish your electrolyte balance.
At Allied Transport we make sure that you get the fresh fruits, vegetable and smoothies to beat the summer heat.

Consumer demand for fresher goods faster has led to unprecedented demand for temperature-controlled, safe transportation and supply chain management solutions. Allied Transport offers dedicated cold chain solutions tailored for fragile and temperature-controlled products that are subject to stringent health and safety regulations.

Bringing the thick-skinned Avocado to the market is not an easy task. A simple 4-degree increase in temperature can reduce the size of the stone fruit, and the reduction means a less desirable product. As a result, avocados are monitored closely during the shipment of variations in exposure to light and temperature. The cold chain has rules and details that adjust to the temperatures and management protocols for more than 200 fresh foods.

We customize our cold chain solutions to cater to the unique requirements of different products that helps you to beat the summer heat

As a leading transportation, logistics and cold chain solutions provider in the region, Allied Transport has over decades proven its ability to build an enviable dynamic infrastructure that adapts to accommodate innovation, using the latest and most advanced technology.

Here are some highlights of our Cold Chain services:

  • 30 pallets that carry 2 rows
  • Special structural features to minimize air loss
  • Fully compliant for F&B
  • Thermo-coated floor for fast cooling and less fuel consumption
  • Multiple Reefer plug-in points for halts
  • Protection dumper to avoid damages to the evaporator coil
  • Capability to handle temperatures ranges such as +2° to +8° C, +15° to +25° C and -15°to -20°C
  • Robust CAPA and risk management processes in place, including written procedures and risk
    assessments of all delivery routes
  • Regular qualification and validation of all equipment, including regular maintenance, calibration and
    Temperature Mapping of all refrigerated vehicles
  • Sensors within the Reefer to record the temperature, humidity levels, speeding, and harsh braking


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