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Tailored logistics for the fashion industry

Needless to say, the fashion industry needs solutions specially designed to meet their very unique needs. And we have logistics solutions that have specifically weaved to meet their ever-changing and dynamic demands.

We offer a speedy response, excellent quality and convenient delivery schedules to deliver ideal lead-time, accuracy, availability, and reliability, which are all critical to the fashion industry. This becomes even more important when measured in this era of multiple sales channels and online retail.

Whether you need the latest top-secret collections delivered safely and securely to the world’s fashion biggest shows, individually picked pieces for the ever-expanding e-commerce culture, or ensure that designs reach the rails as speedily as possible, Allied Transport’s fashion supply chain management services are a cut above the rest. Our logistics experts are constantly tweaking and optimizing our services for enhanced results. They have effectively combined our expertise, technology, and value-added services to offer our fashion clients a comprehensive range of logistics solutions.

What makes us the preferred choice of the fashion industry?

  • Complete transportation solution
  • Special transportation equipment for the fashion industry
  • In-house Customs clearance services
  • Special cargo handling expertise
  • Regional network

Today, Allied Transport is part of the very fabric that keeps the fashion industry going, with our in-depth expertise in demand planning, including range availability, optimum inventory levels and shorter cycle times. We can help reduce cost and generate value along with our collection of customized solutions.

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