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Gearing up for winter deliveries

It’s cold and getting colder, but sales figures are always red-hot, at this time of the year. Everything from woolies to jewellery, from winter foods to heaters see a spike in sales.

However, timely deliveries are a major worry due to the challenges posed by winter. Trucking companies are restricted by fog, haze, smog, sun glare, and more, which lead to capacity constraints, tight lead times, alternate routes, inbound delays and more. Unexpected delivery delays lead to rising costs and consumer disappointment. In a nutshell, winter can drive an imbalance of demand and supply throughout the marketplace.

So, is your logistics vendor being able to cater to your needs, this winter? Remember, logistics vendors will likely only pick up extra volumes at higher rates. As demand continues to grow, it may be more important to choose providers that deliver the level of service you expect to ensure your products arrive as they should, giving your
customers a competitive advantage despite higher costs. Timing is critical when it comes to looking at your strategy. Reorganize and reprioritize freight flows and customer requirements as needed to adapt quickly.

How do you choose the right logistics vendor? There are several questions you could ask yourself to take advantage of new market opportunities and consolidate your position.

  1. Which type of transportation provider are you using? Can they take on additional freight, and can they deliver on time?
  2. Can you restructure your transportation strategy to benefit from multimodal offerings, which can enable you to supply more goods?
  3. Can you restructure your freight and service strategy to take advantage of multimodal offerings to secure more capacity?
  4. Can the logistics company that delivers raw material also deliver finished goods?
  5. Have you budgeted for unforeseen incidents, and how can you plan for such future circumstances?

So, ensure you are dealing with a transportation company that offers the highest quality of service through every season, winter or summer. They should also be flexible enough to scale up or down to handle varying freight loads across the year. But most importantly, they should enable you to track your shipments at every stage of the journey. To know more about how we can manage your supply chain, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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