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Because every cargo is valuable

Cargo theft is a big challenge for the transport industry. It’s not just high-value products that are at risk but every type of cargo, be it food grains or construction equipment. Organized crime rings across the world are using more and more violent tactics to achieve their selfish goals, which adversely impacts the overall business environment. But the transportation industry is fighting back, and Allied Transport too has geared up to push back against this menace. Our first step was to achieve the TAPA TSR level 3 certification, which we achieved through SGS in April 2016. In fact, we became one of the first trucking companies in the UAE and the region to do so!

What is TAPA?

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a non profit organization set up in 2000 by representatives from the various electronics and semi‐conductor manufacturers, high tech industries, freight forwarders, and professional consulting companies. It is a global initiative to complement ISO 28000, AEO Safety and other regional supply chain security programs. TAPA Security Standards were established to ensure the safe and secure transit, storage and warehousing of TAPA members’ assets throughout the world. It outlines the minimum acceptable security standards and the methods to be used in maintaining them.

We were measured on the following factors:

  • Load collection and vehicle sealing, delivery operations, route scheduling, incident reporting, vehicle maintenance, and secure parking
  • Satellite tracking, navigation and route-deviation alerts, and home base/third-party alerts
  • Driver training on security awareness, collection/delivery procedures, and robbery response

We also implemented other security initiatives such as:

  • Unique RFID Cards for drivers & vehicles
  • In-Cab two-way voice communication via pre-defined numbers
  • A discreet Panic button under the steering wheel
  • Geo-fences along with the ability to remotely immobilize a vehicle in case of route deviation
  • Sensors to record the temperature within Reefer, humidity levels, speeding and harsh braking
  • Alarms identify negative variations in temperature and trucks speeding above pre-set limits
  • Magnetic Door Locks

Today, we are proud that our clients can rest assured that their cargo is in safe hands as long as it is with Allied Transport. In fact, the intention is to constantly monitor and upgrade our security checks across all our facilities and fleets. After all, every cargo is priceless for its owner.

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