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A shot in the arm for the pharmaceutical industry


We have always gone the extra mile to prove our commitment to quality, especially when it comes to product safety and quality during the distribution of pharmaceutical products. So, in October 2016 we successfully achieved the World Health Organization Good Distribution Practices (WHO GDP) Certification through SGS. It is a quality warranty system that covers:

  • Purchase
  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Export of pharmaceutical products

This certification regulates division and movement of pharmaceutical products, from the manufacturer to a central point, an intermediate point or the end user.

The GDP Assurance

Our customers enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that Allied Transport employs an effective and robust  management system that is independently assessed to ensure compliance with international GDP standards such as:

  • The medicinal goods were transported in a completely safe, secure, clean & hygienic environment with the prescribed temperature range at all times
  • The supply chain is properly protected to ensure that transported products are 100% genuine
  • Effective monitoring & measuring procedures to ensure against any deviations from the required process
  • All documentation & records relating to the transportation of the product are safely secured for a period of a minimum 10 years
The Pharma Promise
  • Pharma Specific SOP’s / Working Instructions
  • Staff specifically trained to handle pharmaceutical cargo
  • Dedicated fleet of vehicles that are thermo-coated, temperature-mapped, approved & qualified for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical transportation
  • Capability to handle temperatures ranges such as +2° to +8° C, +15° to +25° C and -15°to -20°C(Frozen)
  • Robust CAPA & risk management processes in place, including written procedures & risk assessment of all delivery routes
  • Regular qualification & validation of all equipment, including regular maintenance, calibration & temperature-mapping of all refrigerated vehicles

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